How to make a Beach bed reservation?

On the left you will find the reservation system for our beach beds. You can reserve a basic beach bed set. You will receive a windshield with two beach beds for € 42,50 Note: if you want to cancel your beachbed reservation, you can do so up to 24 hours prior to your reservation (11:00) by canceling your reservation in your reservation confirmation email. You will receive your payment amount back on your bankaccount within 14 days.

How can I also order extra beachbeds and / or a parasol?

After you have entered your personal details, you will be given the option to indicate whether you also want to order an extra beach bed or parasol. The costs are € 14.50 per extra beachbed and € 7.50 per parasol, which you pay on arrival.

Do you not want to use extra options? Then you can enter a "0".

Condition for booking!

We highly urge you to keep your arrival time exactly within a time frame of 15 minutes. Starting at 11:00 AM we will resell the reservations that are not present. You will not receive a refund on your purchase amount.